imagine a childs capacity
imagine a childs capacity

Welcome to Imagine a Child's Capacity.

Imagine a Child's Capacity is ICC is a program of Family Service Madison. We are a nonprofit organization that imagines the capacity of a child with diverse support needs when parents, teachers, peers and the community have a wide array of tools to support that child reaching his or her fullest potential.


Our Services All families have challenges and struggles, but sometimes, a family or individual needs extra support. If you or your child is struggling with after-school routine, bedtime, communication, mealtimes, anxiety, anger management, relationships, social skills or challenging behavior, we can help.
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School Consults & Training

The team of professionals on the School Consultation Team have extensive knowledge and experience in creating innovative intervention programs for students with complex learning challenges, including students on the autism spectrum.
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Yoga and Mindfulness

Yoga is a healing system of theory and practice. The purpose of yoga is to create strength, awareness and harmony in both the mind and body and Mindfulness training is a basic life skill that everyone can benefit from..
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How can we help?

Throughout our community and the country, the rates of children with special needs are skyrocketing. Systems are being overwhelmed. Budgets are over-extended. Children are falling through the cracks. Families are struggling with the unique challenges and opportunities of having a child with disabilities. In order for all children with developmental disabilities to have the opportunities they deserve, every facet of our community – government, schools, doctors, families, and community organizations – needs to find creative and effective ways to help support these children.
Our approach is family-focused – that is, we believe that families can provide the best care for their children and should be empowered to reclaim both quality of life and hope for the future. Our programs, therefore, start with the needs of the family. We believe in the importance of building relationships. ICC programs (individualized therapy, innovative educational opportunities and community partnerships) focus on building strong and lasting relationships between and among children, family, schools and the community.
ICC is a nonprofit organization that imagines the capacity of a child with a disability when parents, school teachers, classmates and the community have a wide and diverse array of tools to support that child reaching his or her fullest potential. We offer individualized therapy, education and community partnerships that foster inclusion, acceptance and independence.

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Autism Society of Wisconsin Annual Conference

Autism 101: Understanding the Spectrum. Presented by Lisa Ladson, Kim Schmidt, and Sharon Hammer

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Lights, Camera, Autism: Inclusion and Technology

Location: New Richmond High School, New Richmond, WI

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